The teams are cleaning up Cardiff city center before non-essential retail stores reopen Wales

A cleaning team in Cardiff has worked hard to prepare the city center for non-essential retail stores to continue to open on Monday.

In Wales, non-essential retail stores can reopen on April 12th after the stores closed under the Level 4 lockdown.

The cleaning team at FOR Cardiff, part of Cardiff’s Business Improvement District, has been cleaning the streets of Cardiff for years.

The team usually starts their workdays at 5 a.m., cleaning the jet-washing areas, removing gum and trash, and refreshing paintwork in different parts of town.

The cleaning team also removed graffiti in some places.

James Palmer, FOR Cardiff, said, “It matters most because with the back and forth of the public we are trying to get back to trading when the stores open on Monday, and make it fresh and engaging to the people in that Come downtown. “

James was in charge of jet washing areas throughout the city center and says it’s a worthwhile job. Often times, people come to the cleaning team to thank them for their efforts.

He continued, “Most of the work I do is when everyone is in bed. Then when people are downtown and see us, some of them stop and say, ‘What a brilliant job you did'”.

The team has been cleaning the streets in Cardiff city center for years.

Cleanups recently took place across Wales after people left rubbish at beauty spots in warm weather across the country.

A recent clean-up was carried out in Cardiff Bay after “hundreds of people” gathered outside Senedd in early April.

Huge crowds were seen drinking and playing music outside the Welsh Parliament building – despite Covid restrictions that only allowed six people from two households to meet outside while maintaining social distance.

The Cardiff Council said a number of rules were broken at the “illegal” gathering.

The teams had to clean up large quantities of bottles, beer crates, food packaging and plastic bags left behind.

Non-essential retail stores will be able to reopen in Wales on April 12th.

Across Wales, businesses big and small are grappling with the effects of the pandemic and increasing pressures.

Retailers also hope that cleaning up the areas around the stores can also lure people back.

Adrian Field, FOR Cardiff, said: “We lost some well-known chains and it was a big fight for independents too. No doubt about it.

“I think the main drag was facing a challenge before it was covered and I think this will only speed up 10 times so you know the main drag is required to get more experience and the work we do Hopefully it makes it more tempting to make people feel comfortable.

“I think cleaning is a really important part of it.”

Retailers hope efforts to clean up the streets of Cardiff will help bring shoppers back as soon as stores can reopen.

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